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Java Furniture Collection is the most complete products from the classic models to modern furniture. The main raw material for making java furniture is made of teak wood, from native plantations in Jepara, and surrounding areas. Javanese carvings are neatly and beautifully carved as a typical decoration that has been known since time immemorial. Besides being made from teak wood, Java collection furniture is also made from other raw materials such as acacia wood.

One of the best-selling products from Java Furniture collection is one of them is a collection of java bedroom furniture, a typical Jepara carving bed is indeed very beautiful, and distinctive, so it can be easily guessed from seeing its sturdy and magnificent design. The impression is indeed heavy and big, but it is precisely from there that an elegant and luxurious impression of the Java bedroom furniture can emerge. This certainly supports a very beautiful home decoration and continues to match with various other items. Other sought-after collections are furniture for the dining room, typical of Jepara.

Besides being in the city of Jepara, Java Furniture also developed in other areas, such as the cities of Mojokerto, Pasuruan in East Java, Solo and Semarang in the provinces of Central Java, and the cities of Cirebon and Jakarta in the western part of Java. And like the typical chiri furniture from the city of Jepara, one item that is widely exported overseas is Java garden furniture. The demand is increasing because many are suitable for teak wood furniture from Jepara. In the end, everything will return to quality, where buyers will be happy if the material they buy is quality and durable, so they believe in the quality that exists.

Java Furniture home decor has always evolved to keep up with the developments of the times as well. In addition to having original products produced from generation to generation, the reproductive process of well-known models has been developed in various parts of the world, such as Dutch, Germany, Italy, the United States, Spain or British Style. Java Indonesia Furniture has always developed into a superior product because of the quality that continues to be maintained, even increased from time to time.

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